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Anton Vedešin, Founder and CTO of Vespia

May 3, 2023

Hi, AML superheroes! I'm Anton, the founder of Vespia, and I understand the pain of lengthy AML questionnaires when onboarding business customers. That's why I'm excited to share how our Vespia Onboarding Flow can simplify the process and get your business customers onboarded 90% faster.

Say Goodbye to Lengthy AML Checks Questionnaires

KYB (Know Your Business) onboarding is a critical process for businesses to comply with AML regulations and verify the identity and legitimacy of their customers. However, the traditional onboarding process can be cumbersome and lead to a higher drop-off rate of potential customers.

At Vespia, we understand the importance of simplifying the onboarding process for businesses. That's why we've created the Vespia Onboarding Flow. Our streamlined process consists of just a few automated steps, eliminating any misunderstandings in the AML questions being asked. Vespia pre-fills all the commercial register and business information for the company, making the process quicker and easier for both the business and its customers.

Streamline the Business review process with the Vespia Onboarding Flow

KYB onboarding can be a complex process for businesses, especially for those without a dedicated compliance team. But with Vespia's Onboarding Flow, it's now easier than ever to onboard and verify business customers.

With Vespia, you have two options to start the onboarding process. As a Compliance Officer, you can start the verification yourself using our dashboard, or you can integrate Vespia Flow into your website and let the company start the onboarding process.

To start the process, simply enter the company name, click search, and select the correct company from the list. Our platform collects information from the business register and verifies the identity of the representative.

The UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) data and directors are automatically pulled from official business databases. Users can add more information if necessary, and can easily upload relevant documents such as articles of association and shareholder structure.

Additional AML questions such as the source of funds and proof of address can be asked, and customers can easily provide the necessary documents.

Once all the necessary steps are completed, the information is saved and submitted to the Vespia Dashboard. Our Onboarding Flow is customizable using our flow builder, allowing you to rearrange the steps, change the questions, and add your own design to the flow.

Know Your Business (KYB) Onboarding by Vespia
KYB Onboarding by Vespia. May 2023

With Vespia Onboarding Flow, the process is streamlined and efficient, saving you time and ensuring compliance.

Try Vespia today and see for yourself how easy onboarding and verifying business customers can be.

If you wish to onboard your business customers 90% faster, contact us and we will make it happen!

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