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The future of business verification is already here, join it!

We are in the process of starting a KYB revolution

Vespia is so much more than a business verification or a compliance tool. We are disrupting the RegTech industry by offering an all-in-one solution for verifying businesses - and doing that in an unbelievable, unheard of way. We want to solve the problem of verification for the SMBs, as they get the most discriminated by the current AML industry and there are not a lot of solutions for them. But we are not limiting ourselves to just one target, we want this solution to be scalable and bring the corporates also to the future of verification.

What Vespia offers

Reaching new heights

Our company expects huge growth in 2022 and that is why we need you! If you are a Compliance Superstar, are good with digital marketing or a techie professional specialized in AI, please check our open positions to find out how you can be part of Vespia.

Employee wellbeing

Vespia is a fully remote team operating from Estonia, Finland, and Ukraine. We focus a lot on employee wellbeing, a strong company culture, and flexible as well as independent work. That is visible in our online meetings and cool board game and beer events!

Diversity as a superpower

Being a female-led team we welcome diversity to our team. We are all a bit of misfits, with our different backgrounds and weird hobbies. But what unites us is the love for tech and superheroes.

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