AML Compliance

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Screen companies and individuals against thousands of AML databases with just one click


Eliminate False Positives with AML Check on Autopilot

Tired of false positives that lead to unnecessary investigations? Spending hours manually analyzing results? Our solution puts AML Check on autopilot, minimizing false positives and freeing up your time for what really matters.

Sanctions Screening

Ensure compliance with global regulations by screening against comprehensive sanctions lists.

PEP Screening

Identify and manage risks associated with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) with ease.

Adverse Media Screening

Stay informed with real-time media monitoring for potential reputational or money laundering threats.

What our users think

Vespia has made it easy to find out who you’re dealing with, no matter where they are established in the world. All the information you need to know is just a few clicks away.

Anna Pauliina Aavik​​

Lawyer, Tele2 Estonia

The most exciting thing about working with Vespia is enabling us to verify over 1200 business customers operating in more than 100 different countries in no time.

Syed Haider

KYC Lead, Eurora

Vespia is bringing KYB and KYC into the modern world. With their help, we make sure that our compliance team fills in the data gap in a user-friendly way to simplify the process of staying AML compliant and please the regulators.

Sophie Burrows

Investor Relations & Communications Manager, Clearbell

Why Choose Vespia AML Compliance Solution?


All-Encompassing Coverage

With over 4000+ Sanctions lists, 4 PEP Tiers, RCAs, Adverse media, and even Google search, we cast a wide net. From international figureheads to small local politicians, our AML Check ensures nothing slips through.


AML Risk Analysis

Whether you lean towards traditional rule-based methods or innovative AI, Vespia's solutions are designed to fit your style. Make decisions faster and with confidence.


Reduce False Positives

Eliminate the hassle of irrelevant alerts. Vespia's smart filtering minimizes false positives, letting you focus on what truly matters, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.

Transform Your AML Compliance Today

Book a demo today to see how Vespia's AML software can revolutionize your financial surveillance process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AML?

AML, or Anti-Money Laundering, refers to laws and regulations designed to prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing. For financial institutions, fintech, and crypto companies, AML compliance is not just a legal requirement; it's a vital part of maintaining trust, integrity, and safety in financial transactions.

What is an AML Check?

An AML Check usually consists of screening an individual or a company against various criteria such as name, date of birth, and country. This includes checking against Sanctions Lists, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons), RCA (Relative and Close Associates), SIP (Special Interest Persons), SIE (Special Interest Entity), Adverse media, and even Google searches. The result is then used for conducting a risk evaluation to determine the potential risks associated with that entity.

How can I improve my AML compliance?

Improve AML compliance by implementing robust screening processes utilizing up-to-date technology like Vespia's AML Compliance Software, and adhering to relevant laws and regulations.

How Vespia’s AML compliance software is different from others?

Vespia's AML Compliance Software offers all-encompassing coverage, flexible risk assessment options, and intelligent false positive reduction, allowing you to put your AML Check on autopilot.

How can I start using the Vespia AML solution?

Starting with Vespia's AML solution is easy. Simply sign up, choose the package that fits your needs, and start AML screening today! If you have special requirements or need to handle large volumes, our sales team is ready to create a custom approach tailored to your business. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.