Automate AML Rules with AI Transaction Monitoring Software

Real-time transaction analysis system designed to alert you immediately to discrepancies between your monitoring rules and the latest AML regulations
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Transaction Monitoring
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Transaction going to sanctioned entity
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Latest AML Regulation Changes
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Avoid Fraud and Money Laundering

Detect Suspicious Transactions and Stay Compliant

Gone are the days of manual transaction reviews and false alarms. Vespia’s AI-powered transaction monitoring software automatically detects suspicious activity and keeps you safe.
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Adjust Monitoring Rules With the Help of AI

Get Notified for AML Rule Adjustments

Users are notified of any changes in laws and regulations that could potentially conflict with their established transaction monitoring rules.
Detect suspicious transactions using Vespia

What our users think

Vespia client Tele2
Vespia has made it easy to find out who you’re dealing with, no matter where they are established in the world. All the information you need to know is just a few clicks away.
Anna Pauliina Aavik
Anna Pauliina Aavik​​
Lawyer, Tele2 Estonia
Vespia client Clearbell
Vespia is bringing KYB and KYC into the modern world. With their help, we make sure that our compliance team fills in the data gap in a user-friendly way to simplify the process of staying AML compliant and please the regulators.
Sophie Burrows
Sophie Burrows
Investor Relations & CM, Clearbell
Kemit Kingdom SA Logo
Our experience with Vespia has been extraordinarily positive. Apart from their technological excellence and commitment to compliance, what truly sets them apart is the unparalleled support from their technical team.
Jean-Jacques Elong
CEO at Kemit Kingdom SA
Transaction Monitoring Case Study

Kemit Kingdom and Vespia Forge a New Era in Payment Security

Kemit Kingdom and Vespia Forge a New Era in Payment Security with the Launch of InstaPay

Vespia Connects Transaction Alerts to Other AML data

Seamlessly integrate transaction alerts with KYC, KYB, and AML data for comprehensive compliance monitoring on our platform.
Business Verification (KYB)
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Expedite your verification process – Get started with Vespia's seamless and efficient KYB platform today!
AML Compliance and Monitoring
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Enhance your Anti-Money Laundering strategy – Adopt Vespia's robust AML Compliance and Monitoring system!
Customer Onboarding
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Accelerate your customer onboarding – Improve your conversion rates with Vespia's intuitive onboarding platform!
Transaction Monitoring
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Mitigate risks confidently – Empower your business with Vespia's reliable and dynamic risk assessment solution!
AML Risk Analysis
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Achieve regulatory excellence – Trust Vespia's AI Compliance Officer to support you and ensure adherence to industry standards!
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Business VerificationVespia application screen:  Risk assessment and AI Compliance OfficerVespia application screen: Onboarding New CustomerVespia application screen: 
Transaction MonitoringVespia application screen: AML Risk Analysis

Core Features

300+ Ready Rules

300+ rules for various banking and financial services

AI Assistance

AI assistant to suggest improvement of transaction monitoring rules

Multiple Sources of Data

Core banking system, CRM, ERP, and settlement ledger database

Real-Time Monitoring

Immediate transaction oversight via API and web

Near-Real Time Monitoring

Near-real time transaction monitoring, both API and over web interface

Retrospective Monitoring

Historical transaction analysis with API/web access

Trade Based Monitoring

Over-invoicing and under-invoicing detection, with the possibility to connect your own dataset

Multiple Deployment Options

On-premise, private cloud, private cloud subscription or single tenant SaaS

KYB/AML Support

Native support for KYB and AML checks, e.g., PEP, Sanctions, Adverse media screening

Crypto Wallet Analytics

Native support for crypto wallet analytics and screening, e.g., Chanalysis, Crystal Reports

User Behaviour Analysis

User behaviour analysis, e.g., geographical location, web browser version

Case Management

Case management system with the ability to escalate to regulators (multiple regulator APIs supported)

Integrate with Vespia API and SDK

No need to sacrifice your existing flow – Vespia is universally compatible.
1// RequestKybVerificationInput mutation
3mutation Mutation($input: RequestKybVerificationInput!) {
4  requestKybVerification(input: $input) {
5    id
6  }
10  "input": {
11    "name": "company_name",
12    "registrationCode": "registration_code",
13    "countryCode": "country_code"
14  }
1Authorization: Bearer $token
Easily integrate Vespia API into your existing system or admin CRM.

Vespia Web SDK offers a ready onboarding flow with multiple templates.
Julia Ront Vespia CEO

Detect Suspicious Transactions and Stay Compliant

Book a demo today to see how Vespia's AI Transaction Monitoring can revolutionize your financial surveillance process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is transaction monitoring?
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Transaction monitoring refers to the continuous oversight of customer transactions to identify unusual patterns or behaviours. It's a crucial component of anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) programs. By monitoring transactions, financial institutions can detect potentially suspicious activities, investigate them further, and report them to relevant authorities if necessary.

What is AI Transaction Monitoring?
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AI Transaction Monitoring uses artificial intelligence to analyze transaction patterns, identify anomalies, and provide real-time alerts for potentially suspicious activities.

How does rule-based transaction monitoring complement AI?
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While AI adapts and learns from transaction patterns, rule-based monitoring ensures that specific regulatory and business-specific criteria are always met, offering a dual-layered approach to transaction oversight.

Is the Vespia Tx software compatible with my existing systems?
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Mitigate risks confidently – Empower your business with Vespia's reliable and dynamic risk assessment solution!

How does AI reduce false positives in transaction monitoring?
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By continuously learning from transaction data and refining its criteria, AI can more accurately distinguish between genuine anomalies and regular business activities, significantly reducing false alerts.

How can I start using the Vespia Tx Transaction Monitoring Software?
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Starting with Vespia Tx is easy. Simply sign up, choose the package that fits your needs, and start Transaction Monitoring today! If you have special requirements or need to handle large volumes, our sales team is ready to create a custom approach tailored to your business. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.