Kemit Kingdom and Vespia Forge a New Era in Payment Security with the Launch of InstaPay

Julia Ront - March 9th, 2024
Kemit Kingdom and Vespia Forge a New Era in Payment Security with the Launch of InstaPay

Innovative Payment Solutions Meet Cutting-Edge Security

Kemit Kingdom is pioneering a new approach to global transactions with the launch of InstaPay, a payment platform seamlessly integrated into social media platforms, starting with Instagram, and accessible via a user-friendly web portal. InstaPay is not just another payment service; it's a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate international payments and money transfers worldwide, offering unparalleled ease and security to modern consumers and businesses alike.

At the heart of InstaPay's security and compliance commitment is its partnership with Vespia.

This collaboration ensures every transaction on InstaPay undergoes rigorous scrutiny for irregularities, safeguarding users against financial crimes and solidifying adherence to global Anti-Money Laundering standards.
On average, Vespia processes 1.2M transactions per minute by prioritizing three categories of transaction monitoring rules. These parameters factor financial, behavioral, and risk-based rules. Each empowers businesses to combat fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing.
Anton Vedeshin
Anton Vedeshin
Vespia CTO

A Match Made in FinTech Heaven

The union of Kemit Kingdom's innovative payment solutions with Vespia's robust security measures marks a significant milestone in financial technology. It's a collaboration that promises to redefine payment security and regulatory compliance on a global scale.

Why InstaPay?

InstaPay is revolutionizing the way we think about sending money and making international payments. Designed for global citizens, InstaPay breaks down the barriers of international commerce, enabling seamless and secure transactions across borders. Here’s what makes InstaPay a game-changer in the global financial landscape:
  • International Payments: Send money worldwide effortlessly through InstaPay's social media integration, starting with Instagram. Catering to both individuals and businesses, InstaPay makes it easy to manage global transactions, from money transfers to family and friends to business operations across borders.
  • Request Money: Simplify collecting payments or splitting bills with InstaPay's intuitive payment request feature, transforming the way you manage finances globally.
  • Unique Payment Address and QR Code Payments: Whether you’re an influencer, merchant, or entrepreneur, InstaPay offers innovative solutions like QR code payments and unique payment addresses to monetize and streamline financial interactions on a global scale.
  • Crypto to Fiat Conversion: InstaPay bridges the gap between digital and traditional currencies, offering swift crypto-to fiat conversions that cater to the needs of today’s digital nomad.
People using InstaPay App powered by vespia
Protected by Vespia’s transaction monitoring, every transaction is secure, ensuring peace of mind for users around the globe. Join us as we pave the way for more accessible, secure financial transactions integrated seamlessly into our digital lives.

Together, We Set New Standards

The collaboration between InstaPay and Vespia is setting new benchmarks in FinTech, demonstrating that advanced solutions and strict security measures can coexist, paving the way for future innovations in digital finance.
We're excited to collaborate with Vespia. This partnership not only boosts InstaPay's functionality but also embodies our vision of a secure and universally accessible global payment ecosystem.
Jean-Jacques Elong
Founder of Kemit Kingdom
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About Kemit Kingdom

A vanguard in digital finance innovation, Kemit Kingdom is committed to developing user-centric solutions that respond to the needs of a global audience, setting new standards in the digital payment realm with InstaPay.

About Vespia

As an AML compliance software specializing in global fraud prevention, Vespia strives to provide financial security for businesses worldwide. Using sophisticated technology, Vespia employs several solutions to detect and prevent fraud.
  • AML and CFT compliance with a combination of rule-based and risk-based strategies tailored to address every business’s priorities.
  • KYB procedures with API integration to support processing a growing volume of data as businesses scale.
  • Advanced real-time fraud detection using machine learning and AI to conduct analyses and risk-scoring for accurate and proactive monitoring.
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