Top 10 Red Flags for KYB & AML Compliance

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Top 10 Red Flags for KYB & AML Compliance

The future of business verification is here

With Vespia you can check business customers

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Business verification,
37× cheaper than the dinosaurs*

• We provide real-time data from over 4000 AML databases and commercial registers of 300 jurisdictions.
• 60% of the company data comes in less than 30 seconds.
• No hidden fees.

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* Vespia is 37x cheaper than the traditional KYB providers. The average cost of a company’s due diligence report is around 150 dollars.

You may be next

You think that banks are the only ones checking their customers, but in reality, the spread of Anti-Money Laundering obligations is much wider. With the changing regulations industries such as crypto and FinTech have become highly monitored. And there are so many more of you in line to become AML obligated.


It’s easier than you think

Search step of verification process

Search for the company

Vespia only requires 3 pieces of information: company name, registration code, and country.

Results step of verification process

See the results in 30 seconds

  Get an overview of the company in question. See recommendations by Vespia AI-powered analysis.  

Decision step of verification process

Make a decision

Make a choice either to work with the company or not within seconds. Don’t trust your gut – trust Vespia.

Global business intelligence at your fingertips

Verify your customers with our one-click business verification solution using our dashboard or by integrating us into your existing process.

Let our AI-powered business analysis provide you with an overview of the company and our recommendations so you can concentrate on your core business and let Vespia handle the verification.

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All-in-one business verification solution
API and dashboard
Pay-as-you-go model
AI-powered business analysis

Vespia is always transparent with you

Vespia's solution is modular and can be used together with other customer verification and onboarding solutions. So don’t worry about the switching costs and give it a go!

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