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Accelerate your customer onboarding process. Boost user acquisition and gain a competitive edge with Vespia's state-of-the-art solution.


AML Onboarding Challenges Slowing You Down?

Manual AML forms can be a major setback for your business. Lengthy processes not only hinder your growth but also deter potential clients. Vespia's Onboarding Flow transforms this, streamlining every step and ensuring you retain more customers efficiently.

Auto-Filled Questions

Leveraging data from Vespia's extensive business databases, our system pre-fills questions, speeding up the process for users and reducing manual entry errors.

Customizable Flow Builder

Tailor the onboarding experience to your needs. With our flow builder, rearrange steps, add your specific questions, and implement your own logic to ensure seamless integration with your existing processes.

Whitelabel Solution

Maintain brand consistency and trust. Our onboarding flow can be fully branded to match your company's look and feel, ensuring a cohesive experience for your customers.

What our users think

Vespia has made it easy to find out who you’re dealing with, no matter where they are established in the world. All the information you need to know is just a few clicks away.

Anna Pauliina Aavik​​

Lawyer, Tele2 Estonia

The most exciting thing about working with Vespia is enabling us to verify over 1200 business customers operating in more than 100 different countries in no time.

Syed Haider

KYC Lead, Eurora

Vespia is bringing KYB and KYC into the modern world. With their help, we make sure that our compliance team fills in the data gap in a user-friendly way to simplify the process of staying AML compliant and please the regulators.

Sophie Burrows

Investor Relations & Communications Manager, Clearbell

Why Choose Vespia Onboarding Flow?


High Pass Rate and Intuitive Design

Our Onboarding Flow is designed with user experience at its core. It's straightforward, ensuring that 95% of your customers sail through on their first attempt. This intuitive design streamlines your business verification process, reducing drop-offs and enhancing user satisfaction.


Drag-and-Drop Customization

Start with Vespia's fully compliant template and then make it truly yours. With our drag-and-drop interface, you can easily add your own customizations. Infuse your brand colors and logos, rearrange onboarding steps, set specific risk assessment rules, and customize anti-money laundering questions to align with your regulatory requirements.


Boost Customer Acquisition

With our automated AML and KYB Onboarding, you're not just streamlining processes – you're also positioning your business to attract and retain more customers. Automation means faster, error-free processes, leading to happier customers and increased growth.

Discover the Full Features of Vespia’s AML Onboarding Flow

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is onboarding automation?

Onboarding automation refers to the use of technology to streamline and expedite the process of integrating new customers or clients into a company's system. Instead of manual data entry and paper-based processes, onboarding automation uses software solutions to gather, verify, and process information, ensuring a faster and more efficient onboarding experience.

How do you automate business onboarding?

Automating business onboarding involves:

Database Integration: This allows for pre-filling fields, minimizing manual data entry.
Customizable Onboarding Flows: Tools like Vespia's Onboarding Flow let businesses tailor the process to their needs, from KYB checks to AML questionnaires.
User-Friendly Interfaces: Drag-and-drop features enable easy customization without deep technical know-how.
Real-time Verification: Systems instantly cross-reference information with global databases for accuracy and compliance.

What is KYB/ AML Onboarding Flow?

A KYB (Know Your Business) Onboarding Flow is the user-friendly sequence through which businesses provide and verify their details when joining a financial platform or service.

For the end-user, this typically involves:

Data Entry: Inputting basic business information like name, registration number, and address.
Document Upload: Submitting essential documents, such as business licenses or articles of incorporation.
UBO Declaration: Identifying and providing details about the Ultimate Beneficial Owners.
Feedback: Receiving real-time updates about the verification status, any additional requirements, or potential issues.

How can I start onboarding my customers using the Vespia Onboarding Flow?

Starting with Vespia's Onboarding Flow is easy. Simply sign up, choose the package that fits your needs, and start onboarding customers today! If you have special requirements or need to handle large volumes, our sales team is ready to create a custom approach tailored to your business. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.