PEP & Sanctions Screening

PEP & Sanctions Screening: Compliance Made Simple

Protect your organization with Vespia’s all-in-one PEP & Sanctions screening solution


Integrate Vespia PEP and Sanctions Screening Solution

Are manual AML screenings slowing you down? Vespia’s integrated PEP Screening software and Sanctions Screening automate the process, ensuring compliance without the hassle.

PEP Screening

Screen 4 tiers of PEP and RCAs, from heads of state to small local politicians. Identify risks quickly and accurately.

Sanctions Screening

Ensure compliance with global regulations by screening against 4000+ comprehensive sanctions lists.

Daily Monitoring with Notifications

Stay informed with daily monitoring and notifications for potential PEP & Sanctions risks.

KYB Check Monitoring

Stay ahead with real-time KYB Check updates. Be the first to know if there are any changes in the businesses you're monitoring.

What our users think

Vespia has made it easy to find out who you’re dealing with, no matter where they are established in the world. All the information you need to know is just a few clicks away.

Anna Pauliina Aavik​​

Lawyer, Tele2 Estonia

The most exciting thing about working with Vespia is enabling us to verify over 1200 business customers operating in more than 100 different countries in no time.

Syed Haider

KYC Lead, Eurora

Vespia is bringing KYB and KYC into the modern world. With their help, we make sure that our compliance team fills in the data gap in a user-friendly way to simplify the process of staying AML compliant and please the regulators.

Sophie Burrows

Investor Relations & Communications Manager, Clearbell

Why Choose Vespia PEP & Sanctions Screening Solution?


Extensive Coverage

Screen 4 tiers of PEP and RCAs, from heads of state to small local politicians, and against 4000+ comprehensive sanctions lists. Our solution ensures nothing slips through.


Reduced False Positives

Minimize unnecessary alerts and investigations with our intelligent filtering, focusing only on genuine risks.


Real-Time Insights

Stay ahead with daily monitoring and notifications, providing instant insights and validation for potential PEP & Sanctions risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sanctions screening?

Sanctions screening is the process of checking individuals and entities against various global sanctions lists to ensure compliance with international regulations. It helps in identifying and preventing transactions with restricted or prohibited parties.

What is PEP screening?

PEP screening involves identifying and assessing the risk associated with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Relatives and Close Associates of politicians (RCAs). PEPs are individuals who hold or have held significant public functions, and screening them helps in mitigating potential legal and reputational risks.

Why screen for PEPs and Sanctions?

Screening for PEPs and Sanctions is essential for compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations. It helps in identifying potential risks, protecting the organization's reputation, and avoiding legal penalties.

How does Vespia PEP & Sanctions Screening work?

Vespia AML compliance solution integrates PEP & Sanctions screening with daily monitoring and notifications. It offers extensive coverage, screens against 4000+ sanctions lists, and 4 tiers of PEP and RCAs. Intelligent filtering reduces false positives, and real-time insights enable quick and informed decisions. The solution is designed to streamline the compliance process, making it efficient and reliable.

How can I start using the Vespia PEP & Sanctions Screening solution?

Starting with Vespia's AML solution is easy. Simply sign up, choose the package that fits your needs, and start PEP & Sanctions screening today! If you have special requirements or need to handle large volumes, our sales team is ready to create a custom approach tailored to your business. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.