Customer Onboarding Made Simple: Achieve AML Compliance with Verify My Business

Business verification and AML compliance made simple with Verify My Business's comprehensive solution.
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Address KYB compliance at any level, anywhere around the world

Vespia connects to trustworthy data sources in over 300 jurisdictions, including government registries, public records data, PEP, sanctions, and criminal watchlists. Reach worldwide scope with Vespia. Here is how:

Get access to an optimized KYB solution
AI-powered automated Business Verification tool with continuously evolving data sources, Vespia builds a KYB process that delivers highly accurate details in a standardized format, so there is no manual review or interpretation required.

Enabling a fast verification process with few clicks
Minimize the risk of fraud, stay compliant with AML regulations and build trust with other businesses in a few clicks. Vespia dashboard combines all the information and the legal documents you need to make the right decision in a single report.

Assemble global business insights and data with ease
To verify a legal entity, you only need to type the company name, the country of origin, and the registration code. Find the following data in less than 30 seconds:

- General information about the company such as incorporation date, status, business activity, etc.
-Connected entities: Board members, founders, shareholders, Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).
- Check Sanctions, PEPs and Adverse Media. Send an ID verification request to the company representative and UBOs.
- All the results of AML, IDs, and Questionnaire checks will be available in the full report tab that you can download as a PDF.

For deeper examination, send the Vespia questionnaire and obtain additional. information about the legal entity.

For who?
- Business Identification as a service for B2B Companies
Checking if the company exists by verifying all the data related to the business, such as the name of the company, registration code, address, and country.

- Business Identification for Fintech and Crypto companies
Companies onboarding companies and individuals must conduct a thorough check as AML obligated entities.

- Business Identification for VC and corporate funds
Companies raising funds can check all the data related to the corporate funds by conducting enhanced due diligence and checking all the compliance data related to their future investors.

- Business Identification for the wholesale suppliers
Access any documents related to your suppliers that contain proof that their business is registered and recognized as legitimate. That may include a certificate of incorporation, a tax number, or a business ID number.

How to incorporate it? You’ve got choices.
Pick the connection that matches your technology and onboarding workflows.

Try our free demo, integrate our API to your solution and get as many verifications as you need through our Pro Plan offer. Talk to our experts and start today!

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