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Automated AML Screening with seamless user onboarding

Vespia helps you prevent fraud by providing an easy and fast anti-money-laundering automated tool. Stay compliant by running PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media checks, and let Vespia support your decision. Automate and simplify AML compliance process with Vespia. Here is how:

Facilitate Customer Due Diligence
Customer due diligence, also known as CDD, is the background checks performed on the customer to ensure that they are properly risk-assessed before being onboarded. Vespia will help confirm that new customers are not on prohibited lists and estimate their risk facets.

Global sanctions screening along with politically exposed person lists
Vespia provides real-time data from over 4000 AML databases that are reviewed through an intuitive dashboard or by integrating the API into your solution. Comply with regulations and fight financial crime. Screen users against global PEP and sanctions watchlists.

Vespia's automated process is the solution to avoid working with fraudsters with a fast and seamless compliance process.

Automate Adverse media search
Adverse media screening is one crucial part of Customer Due-Diligence. In simple terms, this process is where a customer, or prospective client, is compared to negative news and data sources. Adverse media screening permits businesses to spot a potential issue before the institution becomes associated with it or allows its reputation to suffer.

Vespia searches for negative information and news to help businesses evaluate possible AML risk exposure of their customers and make the right decision.

Benefit from easy and quick yet risk-free AML compliance program
Vespia makes the AML compliance technique painless. With a few steps and less than 5 min, the company can get all the data needed to examine suspicious activity and file regulatory reports.

Stay compliant and risk-free with one unique integration
Vespia helps you deploy end-to-end compliance technology and scale globally without being obliged to choose between fraud prevention and higher access rates. As Vespia believes that time is money and reputation is priceless, it will take care of both to make the process effortless.

Let us show you how easy it is to integrate our automated solution into your onboarding process. Talk to us!

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