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Boost your AML compliance and analyze global adverse media data.
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Why is screening for adverse media essential?

Catch and Avoid Threats

Employing Adverse Media Screening, you can identify and defend yourself from financial crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption, fraud, human trafficking, or tax evasion.

Verify High-Risk customers With Adverse media searches

Save time and money operating with the right tools. Vespia is at the cutting edge of AI-based adverse information and media you require with complete, structured profiles.

Streamline your Customer onboarding process with Vespia

Look to Vespia to pinpoint the solutions that will help you handle potential adverse media in line with your compliance regulations.

  • Our global data includes adverse media, shown within the database in our highly structured design, helping you determine entities and individuals reported in the reputable media as being accused, investigated, arrested, prosecuted or condemned of specific crimes.
  • Guarantee the quality, structured, vetted adverse media data in addition to sanctions, regulatory enforcement and official government references. We employ reputable media sources according to our strict inclusion standards and guidelines.
  • Pick which records to screen against according to your guidelines, policies and risk-based approach. Employ our Fuzzy Matching filters to scan global databases for risk-related reports on the checked individual or organization.
  • Employ our custom filters to fit FATF Jurisdiction Risk and Web Search and set a distinct Match Rate to decrease false positives.

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