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Mari-Liis Kurg, Founder and CEO of Complok

September 19, 2022

Complok is a RegTeh company with a mission to automate the AML certification process for banks and fintech companies to comply with financial crime regulations.

Our company stands for Compliance OK, and our team is on a mission to get fintech companies 100% compliant with the law. But with a mission as grand as that, where do you really start?

We believe it all begins with knowledge and organizations' compliance culture, which is why we find increasing compliance awareness to be our calling.

To automate the anti-money laundering (AML) certification process, we have combined our best expertise and experiences in AML with IT technology. As an outcome, ensuring that your whole team understands the fundamentals of AML is only a matter of hours.

Even if having employees undergo AML training yearly is mandatory by law for every bank and financial institution, we know that delivering compliance awareness for your team is not only about ticking the boxes exercise. There's more than merely proving to regulators that your employees are trained regularly. We can help you flip the coin and turn the AML certification process into an experience that your employees look forward to.

AML certification process with Complok. Source: Complok 2022.
AML certification process with Complok. Source: Complok 2022.

It is an automated solution that walks your employees through the true essence of why regulators, companies, and law enforcement agencies around the world need to join their forces to control money laundering risks. By translating complicated legal language into an easily understandable format, Complok automated AML certification process ensures that every employee realizes how they can contribute to the fight against financial crime.

Join us on our mission to get fintech companies 100% compliant with the law and get your team AML certified by Complok! Fill in the form with your needs and get started now!

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