KYB and AML compliance for Logistics companies

Logistics are critical to modern business, allowing the flow of goods and services across borders and ensuring that companies and markets continue to function smoothly.

Yet, while logistics supply the resources and connections that organizations need, they expose them to an expanded degree of third-party criminal risk.

From long cycle times to risk & compliance struggles, Vespia solves supplier management issues to help clients fulfill their overall business goals.
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Know your supplier (KYS) better

Why is KYB important for logistics businesses and suppliers?

Without sufficient information on your suppliers, the smooth function of your business could be affected.

That is why it is crucial to learn if they engage in unethical practices, if their reputation could harm your own, or if they could damage your financial status.

Background checks will help you improve your control over any given link in the supply chain. Yet, screening is only a part of the due diligence strategy and is frequently wrongly seen as the entire process. Some practitioners consider that checking names against a watchlist is all the required due diligence.

Conduct corporate due diligence

Conduct ongoing checks UBOs, sanctions, credit reports, and other sources for 300 jurisdictions. Fast-track your KYB approach, detect networks, shifts of the corporate structure, and ownership, and drill down into entities and relationships.

Adverse Media checks

Vespia's Adverse Media technique allows trade finance clients to follow and monitor media information, including adverse news, history, and news of litigation, data breaches, and corporate social responsibility.

AML Screening solution

Vespia's evolved AML solution for logistics businesses allows customers to mitigate the risk of AML and terrorism financing through network investigation, real-time checks, and contextual connection checks.

Automated and seamless workflow

Vespia's document extraction and verification help clients digitize documents and decrease processing time, conduct due diligence on suppliers and financiers, automate compliance, execute documentation checks against rules, and simplify the Know Your Supplier process in one safe place.

A single platform for an end-to-end compliance

Our single platform allows you to lower manual work and processing time. Conduct due diligence on suppliers, exporters, financiers, and UBOs.

Automate compliance and reporting, execute additional checks, and streamline your compliance process, monitoring, and onboarding in one safe place.

With our AI-driven approach, automate manual controls. Manage risk and complexity across onboarding, monitoring, and compliance. Save time and costs and keep all data, documents, and flow in one dashboard.

If you want to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and maximize your customer value by simplifying your supply chain management while lowering your risk exposure, get in touch with us.

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