Seamless business KYC/AML solution for the Legal and Accounting Industry

As regulatory requirements for legal compliance continue to scale, so does the level of risk for law firms.

Stay compliant with a smooth, safe, and global verification solution designed for the Legal industry.
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Business KYC and AML compliance for Legal and Accounting

Meet the stringent compliance requirements and protect your firm and your clients from Money-laundering

Legal activities are confidential and may involve massive monetary transactions and activities on behalf of clients that obscure the intent or the source of funds. As a professional enabler, the lawyer or legal firm delivers legitimacy to such actions, thus allowing the laundering of illicit money earnings.

One of the causes criminals seek out the involvement of legal experts is often because a legal expert is required to conduct certain dealings or to access specialized legal and notarial services, which could help the laundering of the profits of crime and the funding of terrorism. It means that the responsibility is increasingly on lawyers, who may be vulnerable to the risk of inadvertently facilitating money laundering, to detect, monitor, and mitigate potential red flags.

Onboard faster without failing customers

Customer verification and reducing risk are crucial to running a modern law firm, yet it does not have to be complicated. Vespia's easy and user-friendly verification flow takes less than 30 seconds, all while securing a sleek user experience and exceptional pass rates.

Automate your AML/Business KYC Compliance

Know the true identity of your customer with Vespia's all-in-one automated solution. Facilitate customer due diligence while performing ongoing AML screening against global watchlists, PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media.

No borders, no limits. It is time to scale globally.

Don't set barriers for worldwide clients. Help your business scale globally and run business KYC and AML checks from more than 300 jurisdictions.

Vespia's AI-based tool lets you verify users with no queues at any time of day or night.

Eliminate fraud and set up an AML and business KYC process

Experience strong protection against scammers by integrating Vespia into your business. Customize user journeys that satisfy your internal policies and double your overall pass rate.

A single platform for automated and online verification services

Adopting a digital solution will decrease regulatory risk and operational costs. Vespia provides detailed AML reports on individuals, businesses, and beneficial owners, ensuring you know who you are doing business with and meet your regulatory requirements. With current and fresh data, Vespia helps you make the right decision and build trust with your customers.

Why Vespia?

Comply with regulations

Conquer new markets and keep up with evolving regulations wherever you operate.

Run clear of fraud

Stay protected and increase trust in your business with multilayered fraud protection tools and reliable AI algorithms.

Get more trustworthy customers.

Don't lose applicants because of long wait times. Get a smooth and people-friendly verification tool.

Embrace digital onboarding for the Legal industry

Law firms and legal professionals must review their existing AML strategies to ensure they meet their compliance conditions. Failure to do so can see heavy impacts from the regulator on the firm and the individual.

Conducting automated due diligence checks with Vespia enables you to carry a risk-based approach and seamlessly bypass revealing your firm to any potentially damaging circumstances.

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