Protect your crowdfunding actions with high-end business KYC solutions

For crowdfunding, the most meaningful matter is trust. In this business, anyone can be an investor or a donor. You only have to check the investor's background and their money origins.

Performing KYC checks is a must if you're going to run a thriving crowdfunding platform. Identity verification for crowdfunding safeguards your business by ensuring that your investors and donors are who they say they are, averting fraud and scams.

Vespia is the solution to automate your KYC and business verification processes.
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Five reasons why to implement an AML/business KYC solution in your crowdfunding platform

Integrating a business KYC program is an ideal practice to safeguard your crowdfunding activities. Adding a valuable solution with KYB, KYC, and AML to your crowdfunding platform will protect you against money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraudulent activity. That will provide you peace of mind and give investors even more trust in your crowdfunding platform.

Bypass risks related to crowdfunding

Unregulated online crowdfunding may have several drawbacks. Business KYC and AML approaches are necessary if you want to avert fraud successfully. You could be liable if your platform proposes securities-based crowdfunding options without vetting your investors.

With Vespia's business KYC process in place, it could be more difficult for fraudsters to get into past security actions. The proper practice will go a long way toward preserving your platform safe.

Automate customer onboarding

Automating some customer onboarding tasks makes it easier to attract investors and increases your chances of getting funded.

With Vespia, ensure that you have all the required information on-hand and that automated forms are in place for customers to fill out their details, such as ID numbers and passports, decreasing your risk of identity theft.

Guarantee the efficiency of your crowdfunding activity

Vespia helps you adjust your KYC solution to your individual needs.

Our business verification, UBO verification, PEP and sanctions screening, adverse media, transaction monitoring, tailored questionnaires, and documents are designed to optimize your strategy. You don't have to invest in infrastructure and employee recruitment to move with biometric identification, liveness checks, and comparison with identity documents.

Deliver a faster customer experience

Time is precious for everyone concerned with crowdfunding, from those who raise funds to those who donate money. Thus, any solution that crops wait time is valuable for the company and its users.

With Vespia's automated business KYC solution, verify your business customers in less than 30 seconds.

Boost your customer engagement

Customers will be more engaged in your crowdfunding platform only if they feel safe in the first place.

The expanded engagement level by sufficient business KYC helps increase profitability over time. Vespia offers a secure AI-powered Identity verification KYC and business verification KYB solution using real-time data from over 4000 AML databases and commercial registers of 300 jurisdictions.

Want to learn more about how Vespia helps you comply with regulations and avoid any type of fraud? Book a demo and see how business KYC for crowdfunding would work for you!

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