KYC and AML software for crypto exchanges

Discover the ideal balance between compliance and business with a smooth, fast, and global verification solution for crypto companies.
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KYC and AML software for crypto exchanges

Trouble with false positives from onboarding to crypto trading?

Your client might hesitate when their signup process or transactions stop for eligibility during short trading. Vespia's powerful and flexible APIs reduce false positives and manual operations so you can give a soft experience to your customers.

AML screening software for crypto exchanges

Companies in the crypto industry must fulfill their AML and KYC obligations during account opening for their clients. Businesses can scan their customers in various countries' sanctions, PEP, and Adverse Media data to avoid AML penalties using our AML screening software.

Reduce drop-offs with instant onboarding

Users can skip the queue if they've already been verified by a partnered crypto network with Vespia's KYC process. All it takes is a quick liveness check, no need to go through the entire KYC flow again.

All-in-one platform for crypto compliance

Easy-to-use KYC flow

Crypto exchanges can verify users anywhere in the world with relief. Smooth onboarding and compliance have finally come together.

Secure and compliant onboarding

Vespia's AI-powered identity verification solution helps crypto platforms meet regulations, reduce fraud, save costs, and onboard users, more quickly.

KYB and business verification for crypto platforms

Streamline your KYB procedure with a full-cycle business verification solution including all the business data needed to verify corporate clients.

Build various verification flows and ease the onboarding process

Compliance: Meet KYC and AML regulations for virtual currency.

Control: Mitigate the risk of fraud.

Cost savings: Lower operation costs with real-time risk scoring

Faster Onboarding: Easy onboarding and lower abandonment rates.

An entire AML/KYC environment built for your crypto business

Vespia helps you make the AML/Compliance Management process fast and accurate and ensures customer satisfaction while keeping your business safe.

  • See the results in less than 30 seconds
  • 37x cheaper
  • Over 4000 AML databases
  • Commercial registers of 300 jurisdictions

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