Don't let fraudsters harm your business reputation.
Identify AML risks proactively

Know your customers and catch high-risk users with an automated AML screening technique against global watchlists, sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media.
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AML screening

Compliance anti-money laundering tailored to your business

Ignoring politically exposed persons (PEPs) or sanctioned individuals in your client portfolio will negatively impact your organization. Especially as a financial institution or a fintech that plays such a significant role in the financial crime world, it is crucial to be well trained on how to identify and handle money laundering.

As criminals utilize money laundering to conceal the concrete source of their illicit money, Vespia helps you get more profound insights on customers to make better-informed decisions and set a compliant client onboarding process in no time.

Comply with regulations

AML compliance is not a nice to have or a necessary evil; it's a fundamental requirement. Since most crimes have a financial incentive at their core, limiting profits is a powerful way to devitalize corruption, tax evasion, theft, fraud, and numerous other crimes.

Vespia helps you fulfill global requirements by barring access to those who want to bypass your safeguards.

Defend your reputation

Control financial crimes and boost trust in your business.

The AML process is essential for the monetary and reputational standing of, specifically, financial institutions. Auditors and regulators legally require this approach.

Vespia grants access to pertinent information across all the structural units to make the right decision.

Reduce manual workload

Scale your business quicker and save time with Vespia automated AML screening process. In less than 30 seconds, get all the required information in one PDF file that directs you to the right decision.

All required sources for AML screening

Get access to up-to-date and accurate data to help you make proper decisions:

1- Start to restrict persons on sanctions and watchlists:

Protect your business from legal penalties by keeping the bad actors out. Whether you're performing locally or internationally, Vespia provides a watchlist screening solution that circles the globe.

2- Be aware of politically exposed persons (PEPs):

From over 4000 AML databases and commercial registers of 300 jurisdictions, Vespia gives you the support to know your customer better. The AI-powered solution identifies PEPs and collects all the necessary profile information.

3- Adverse media check:

With Adverse Media Screening, you can recognize and safeguard your business from financial crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, bribery, fraud, human trafficking, smuggling, or tax evasion. Vespia solution aggregates the data into customer profiles for easy review.

4- Web Search Result:

Since Google because a source of a lot of information worldwide, now you can contrast and compare your AML matches with a Google search in the same place. Get a 360° overview of your results to make the best decision.

Vespia made customer due diligence manageable

Aside from encountering administrative penalties, organizations that do not fulfill AML compliance can harm their reputation and lose clients.

The institutions' image is affected once associated with corrupt individuals or businesses. Vespia takes the lead to make your company stay compliant and offers an all-in-one automated tool.

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