Business KYC and AML in service of product strategy managers

Complying with business KYC measures for AML is now legally required for many industries beyond the financial sector, including crypto companies and virtual asset service providers.

Yet, leading organisations do not consider business KYC as just a checkbox to appease regulators. Employing identity verification services is now a core element of safety, conversion, customer success, and fraud prevention systems.
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Know your customer sufficiently

Business customer due diligence is essential for business KYC goals. It allows businesses to safeguard themselves from a legal penalty, assures the legitimacy of business relationships, and protect customers from fraud or other financial harm.

The CDD strategy involves many measures:

  • Gathering data about an individual, such as a government-issued photo ID like a passport or driver's license and further supporting credentials
  • Conducting identity verification via data on those records (name, DOB, etc.)
  • Matching the face in the ID to the video selfie
  • Screening the identified person against watchlists, sanction lists, and databases of politically exposed persons (PEPs)

Recognize and validate client identities and business clients to mitigate fraud risk.

Why do product strategy leads need Vespia's KYC and AMl solutions?

Develop your product from the bottom up with built-in compliance. Decrease overheads and detect fraud by implanting Vespia as part of your workflows.

Frictionless outcomes

Perform a series of checks automatically with Vespia's dashboard and drop-in solutions.

User-friendly onboarding

To remain competitive, you must be capable to deliver an accessible journey. Vespia ensures you get the highest quality for your KYC techniques, and your product is convenient to all demographics.

Fully configurable

Configure Vespia's AML and KYC solution to suit your use cases. With a pay-as-you-go plan or an API integration, ‍pick the connection that matches your technology and onboarding workflows.

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