Fraud and Credit Managers are fighting fraud with digital verification tools

Fraud and Credit Managers must comply with strict anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. For that, identity fraud is the foremost risk for them.  

Vespia helps managers to ensure online safety, critical steps for staying out of harm's way, and the types of identity fraud that exist today.
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Vespia resources for Fraud and Credit professionals

Fraud and Identity Management Software for your needs

  • Mitigate the need for manual reviews
  • Onboard users and merchants efficiently and smoothly
  • Adapt to changing fraud attempts

How do Fraud and Credit Experts use Vespia?

1. Assist Credit Risk Compliance

Enhance the speed, depth, and impact of data access and analysis for easier credit risk compliance.

2. Prevent Fraud Risk & Loss

Recognize and validate client identities and business clients to mitigate fraud risk.

3. Support Regulatory & Security Compliance

Remain informed and comply with KYC, AML, and other regulations on time.

4. Verify, Authenticate & Link Identities

Establish trust in your customers' identities with our verification, authentication, and linking tools.

KYB and KYC Check Flow

Centralized Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Vespia helps fraud and credit experts have a better overview of clients' personal information during online account registration. This service lays the foundation of a streamlined business KYC verification process.

Automated verification flow

Vespia helps you quickly verify the PII against the data on the provided document. This flow allows managers to ensure that the user has entered the correct information.

A complete due diligence checks

Vespia ensures that KYC and KYB processes outlined above are well-established and call on modern ID verification processes to help credit managers roll out checks at scale.

Benefits for Fraud and Credit Managers

1. Enhance Approval Rates

Confirm more legitimate interactions to grow and maintain your client base.

2. Reduce Chargebacks

Detect more fraud to protect your bottom line.

3. Optimize Manual Review Queues

Drive faster risk decisions and support more good transactions.

4. Bypass Lost Revenue

Reduce fraudulent transactions while approving more good customers.

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