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How Can Automation Help Anti-Money laundering Compliance Officers?

Let's dive into the AML compliance professionals' tasks and responsibilities!

An AML compliance officer is the person who handles the Anti-Money Launder Compliance programs of their organization. It is a crucial position for any obligated company to ensure compliance with regulations, prevent penalties and protect the company's reputation and funds.

Compliance professionals are usually in charge of financial regulations and personal data compliance requirements, screening and monitoring, and payment fraud prevention.

There are also specific duties such as the following:  

●      Enforcing the company's anti-money laundering compliance policies.

●      Keeping up with the latest AML regulations and laws.

●      Defining the risk level of new customers.

●      Taking protective actions against financial crimes.

●      Detecting and reporting suspicious transactions to the authorities.

●      Managing and executing an ongoing AML training program for other employees.

Compliance professionals are indispensable as they are fully accountable for the company's regulatory operations and reports. To streamline their work, the organization can engage additional sources to automate AML screening and monitoring, report generation, and case management.

Learn how Vespia can value AML compliance officer's duty and avoid AML risks.

Compliance automation is an opportunity for your business to evolve more organized and efficient while freeing up your team to do higher-value work.

Fewer failure rates of AML checks:

Workers will have peace of mind knowing that a trustworthy software solution runs their routine compliance operations without wasting time manually moving data back and forth between applications.

One of the most significant measures in automating process compliance is catching the information required. Often, compliance officers assemble this information through email or spreadsheets, a loosely structured layout that can result in the worker self-editing out valuable information. The scarcity of structure in piling information generally results in costly rework or critical decisions on incomplete information.

More reliable and fresh data:

Integrating Vespia will provide you with the most reliable data in less than 30 seconds. Collected from over 4000 AML databases and commercial registers of 300 jurisdictions, your employee will get more time to think more deeply, analyze better, and make the right decision.

Vespia provides up-to-date and real-time data, which off-loads the assignment of going through archives and checking the authenticity of the collected information.

Adequate documentation and reporting:

Automated methods document every phase of the process. That creates an audit trail compliance officers can share with regulators, audit firms, or other parties. Vespia generates reports automatically, giving all the current AML and KYC checks you performed in one PDF file.

Further, automated approaches decrease failure rates, faster compliance processes, and eliminate human error.

Out with manual AML compliance and in with automation

Failing to have effective AML compliance, companies might face penalties and sanctions by regulators. Thus, companies should comply with AML regulations according to their commitments. AML Compliance officers ensure their organizations comply with AML regulations and take measures against financial crimes.

A high-quality automated solution will streamline your operations so you can optimize workflow without cutting corners on compliance. Vespia's dashboard allows you to work smarter, not harder.

A more automated compliance strategy means less risk, more efficiency, and more flexibility.

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