Know your business in detail with Vespia's tailored questionnaire

Request extra data and records through Vespia's customized questionnaire to evaluate business risks more efficiently.
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Why is using a questionnaire essential?

Save time and effort gathering extra information

Get rid of back-and-forth emails with straightforward questionnaires made straight into your verification approach. Request more details from individual and business customers and ask for backing records (e.g. source of funds) that must be checked on your end—all in one place.

Create the questionnaires you need

Build custom questionnaires. Customize each stage by picking your preferred question and answer types, with the possibility to build multi-page questionnaires if needed.

Deep-dive into records and stay compliant with AML regulations

Create tailored questions to collect data that is not available in commercial registers. Yet, you can still start working with the company and be AML compliant by conducting the first check through Vespia's dashboard.

Acquire easy access to results

All answers, uploaded records and documents are safely kept and available in the dashboard at any time.

Accessible Q&A to avert drop-offs

Forget about the tedious paperwork. Ask the proper questions at the right time with straightforward questionnaires that are no hassle for your customers.

Know more about our KYB solution and talk to our experts to begin your compliance journey with Vespia.

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