Expert Compliance Officer Services for AML Compliance

Deploy our compliance officer as a service to ensure AML compliance for your business.
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Get a more in-depth AML compliance process

Instead of hiring a huge team for a temporary workload increase, you can outsource to Vespia anything from building an AML process, documentation, to KYB and KYC.

Build your Anti-money laundering process

Compliance may be a bit challenging. Companies must follow KYC requirements, perform AML monitoring, and take preventive measures against financial crimes.

Thanks to our experts, we help your business go further with compliance techniques by building an adequate procedure tailored to your needs.

Get our advice to handle AML edge cases

Vespia provides professional advice from qualified compliance experts to help your business handle difficult cases. The compliance officer analyzes the data and provides the necessary insights to make the right decision.

Outsource your AML auditing

Avoid penalties and reputational damage with regular compliance audits. Ensure that your business meets legal requirements and internal guidelines, and make auditing easier with Vespia.

Business risk analysis made easy

Vespia helps your business to have a potential compliance risks overview with the help of legal records and internal papers, which are then validated and supplemented with interviews and workshops with the operation teams.

Vespia assists you with scanning compliance policies, methods and training materials to ensure they are up-to-date with new regulations and directives.

Get a KYC result analysis

Pinpoint suspicious transactions and high-risk customers more accurately by analyzing KYC results and keeping customers' records up-to-date.

Vespia is your new compliance officer

Push your compliance to the next level by outsourcing all your AML and KYC processes to Vespia.

Our experts will help you build a personalized AML compliance approach that will streamline your onboarding process.

See Vespia in action

Let us know if you need an extra pair of AML hands to tackle any of your cases. Talk to an expert!

How Vespia can help you to streamline your business with efficient customer onboarding and business verification?

Automate your customer onboarding process and verify business faster

Streamline your business customer onboarding process with Vespia's automated solution. With our help, you can onboard customers faster and more efficiently, giving you a competitive edge.

High Pass Rate and Intuitive Design: Streamline Your Business Verification Process

Vespia Onboarding Flow is simple to understand and 95% of your customers will be able to pass it on the first try.

Add your own rules to the customer onboarding process

Rearrange the steps of the onboarding flow, add your colors and logos, set up your own risk assessment rules, and set up your own anti-money laundering questions according to your regulatory requirements.