The most complete Know Your Business verification solution for FinTech

A business environment that demands smooth customer onboarding, risk management, and Know Your Business verification disrupts the demand and positions your company uniquely from traditional financial services.

Verify corporate clients quickly, with an entire AML solution for the FinTech industry.

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AML, KYC & business verification for FinTech

A highly diverse industry with challenging compliance and AML process

Managing any financial services company can be fraught with risk. Many FinTech companies require close to constant risk analysis to ensure that the company remains compliant and proper, as well as looking out for being targeted by criminals. KYB used to be a nice-to-have. Now it is a must-have in the FinTech industry. Fraudsters and money launderers act in real-time. But if a company only reviews its data periodically, there will be long periods where its database will be static. The data might not be up-to-date, meaning that any risk assessments may not be up to date either.

Combining KYB with anti-money laundering monitoring to eliminate fraud on your platform

Thanks to real-time data from commercial registers of 300 jurisdictions connected to Vespia, FinTechs can get applicants verified in less than a minute, no matter their country or language. Vespia helps FinTechs examine the entities they are dealing with, which allows them to decide whether they are authentic or used to conceal the owners' identities for illegitimate purposes.

Fulfill the AML regulatory requirements

Verify customer documents while conducting ongoing AML screening against over 4000 Anti-Money Laundering lists.

With Vespia, you can discover politically exposed persons (PEP), their relatives, and close associates (RCA) as well as sanctioned organizations, organizations of special interest (SIP), and special interest entities (SIE). Additionally, you can check global negative news (Adverse Media) and conduct a Google search on any person or company.

Onboard users with a smooth AML process

To attract users, FinTech businesses have to do everything they can to reduce onboarding time and make the verification process engaging. With Vespia, FinTech can run all compliance processes using real-time data for business or person verification.

Screen fraud or money-launderers easily

Fraudsters use fake identities to obtain rewards, complete transactions or launch phishing attacks. FinTech needs to stay vigilant to prevent bad actors in the first place. By using a compliant environment, FinTech firms protect their business and ensure a secure and reliable financial environment.

One solution for all verification and AML compliance tasks

Verify clients at all stages of their journey using a friendly user experience.

Use Vespia’s Full AML Compliance Solution to allow you to finally concentrate on your business and leave the worrying about AML regulations to Vespia. 

Create proper business verification flows with real-time data

Built with the latest technology, Vespia assists all types of FinTech with verifying their customers faster and ensuring that their business is compliant.

For global trading companies helping firms penetrate markets

Accelerate your onboarding flows and offer faster processes to your customers. Solve challenging KYB processes with clients all over the globe in a matter of seconds, and most importantly, with all the information in one place.

For neobanks offering corporate accounts

Attract new customers by verifying their business attributes and owners faster. All the data is fetched in real-time and keeps your app user experience untapped.

KYB/ AML checks Process for Payment Gateway‍

The payment gateway platform needs to guarantee that all the merchants or the customers have no sanctions. Moreover, Vespia offers an entire KYB/ AML solution for payments gateway to process all the verification processes and have access in real-time to the data to assure that the buyer or seller is well compliant.

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